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I was once an accountant with a creative soul who studied photography for years.  I decided to pursue my passion and am now a contemporary portrait photographer with a boutique studio in Montclair, New Jersey.  It's been a rewarding journey: my work has been featured in various publications; I've won various awards both locally and internationally and I've also held three photography exhibits,  (For a quick view of my journey click here).

I specialize in magazine style portraits (headshots, family, senior, maternity, modern boudoir) and empowering experiences!  My clients often claim they aren't photogenic and are nervous and shy.  However, it's my responsibility to get them comfortable, guiding and posing them (I'm a master poser 😉) so that they can just focus on having fun.  They end up rocking the session and I capture this empowering transformation, creating legacy portraits that they can treasure for years to come.  (To see clients' reactions, click here.)

Whether for your birthday, a gift, a lifetime transition or if it's simply just to celebrate you, I invite you to a photo shoot with me to see yourself in a whole new light and to have portraits of yourself that you love.  Thank you for visiting, I look forward to hearing from you!

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not just in my work, but, also in my space ensuring that it is a warm, clean and intimate environment for all my clients. 

I take a lot of pride

pampering and professional make-overs which can be enjoyed on your own or with your loved ones.

I offer and include 

was taken over 50 years ago in Japan.  This portrait traveled across the pacific ocean to me and is one of the reasons why I specialize in what I do...

This portrait of my Mother

in my skills.  In May 2018, I traveled to Castle Ceconi in Pielungo, Italy where I participated in The Portrait Masters workshop. 

I Continue To Invest

"I had such a great time at my maternity portrait session! The pictures came out so beautiful that the reveal honestly made me cry. Celestina makes you feel comfortable and at ease even if you have very little experience being in front of the camera like myself. I’ve been getting a ton of compliments on the portraits from friends and family and I just know for a fact I’ll cherish these photos forever. She was also extremely understanding and patient with my 2 year old. Even though he cried most of the time and refused to pose for any pictures, she was still able to get some good shots of all of us which made the session even more special."

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"The pictures came out so beautiful that the reveal honestly made me cry."

"Celestina is a master of her craft. She has a kind, upbeat manner which makes you feel totally comfortable from the start. She’s also an ace with posing- she guides you with facial expressions and how to position your body so you feel well taken care of throughout the session. I’ve worked with several photographers over the years and these portraits are the best I’ve ever had. Celestina a star and will make YOU look like a star. Without question, a session with her is 10/10!"

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"I’ve worked with several photographers... these portraits are the best I’ve ever had"

"It was an absolutely memorable experience for our mom. She not only felt glamorous dressed in gorgeous outfits and make-up but she felt so much at ease getting photographed by Celestina. She has this aura about her that makes you feel comfortable from the beginning to the very end of the process. She knows how to enhance ones features and guide them throughout so the client gets the most out of the experience and has fun doing so as well. The photographs brought tears to our mothers' eyes because she felt beautiful during the shoot and that reflected in the images. Thank you Celestina for an amazing experience, our mother couldn't have been happier.."

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"... The photographs brought tears to our mother's eyes ..."

"We recently used Celestina for our engagement photos, and it was a great experience from start to finish. Once our date was booked, she FaceTimed with us to get a sense of what we were wanting to accomplish, which was a nice touch... We scouted the neighborhood we wanted ahead of time, but Celestina found great spur-of-the moment locations & backdrops that we loved, and she had an impeccable eye for using natural light in the shots. We were hoping for some great proofs, but everything we got far exceeded our expectations. We ordered more photos than our initial package had allotted, since there were too many photos we could not live without. We’d highly recommend her for any couples looking for engagement photos!"

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"... everything we got far exceeded our expectations ..."

" ... A photo shoot with Celestina was by far the most exciting and empowering experience of my life ... I had the absolute time of my life. Celestina’s professionalism, talent, direction, and attention to detail ... resulted in a product that had me speechless, crying with joy, elated, and in utter disbelief that it was me. Celestina's kindness, warmth, and incredibly fun energy is infectious; I left her studio with my adrenaline pumping and the most aggressive smile tattooed on my face ... She captured something that I did not know existed, and when I put my trust in her, she took care of me through and through. I have been shouting from the rooftops about Celestina because of the true impact she had on my life ..."

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"... had me speechless, crying with joy, elated and in utter disbelief ..."

"Celestina, our portraits came out amazing! We are thrilled to say the least. Brianna is redesigning her beauty room and Donna and I are still deciding on a perfect place for ours. The whole experience was more than one could imagine, your studio, your talent, your photos and most of all "DARLING YOU". You made our three generations photo shoot a special day for all!"

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"... The whole experience was more than one could imagine ..."

"Celestina is a beautiful person and amazing photographer. I absolutely hate getting my picture taken and was nervous to say the least. From the minute I walked in to her studio she made me at home and so comfortable, I felt like I was with an old friend. She is so knowledgeable and confident in what she does that you can't help but feel confident too. By the end of the photo shoot I not only felt confident but revived! It was such a beautiful and fun experience and I would highly recommend Celestina to anyone wanting not only gorgeous pictures but an amazing experience. She will definitely be my go to photographer from now on."

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"... I not only felt confident but revived! ..."

"....I just stood there looking at my portraits with tears streaming down my face because I couldn’t believe that was ME! I learned through this experience that it’s not about what I look like, but how I feel, and my attitude toward myself. Looking back at me in all the pictures was the most confident, carefree version of myself that I had ever seen, and I realized that that is the person I should aspire to be everyday. The portrait session with Celestina was so much more than having my picture taken - it was a once in a lifetime experience!"

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"... it was a once in a lifetime experience ..."

"My wife and i did a boudoir photo shoot with Celestina for our 12th anniversary, and had a great time. Celestina was excellent at making both of us feel comfortable, and the photos turned out wonderful. Would wholeheartedly encourage others to have the same experience."

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"... Celestina was excellent at making both of us feel comfortable, ..."


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Contemporary Portraits

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Maternity & Family

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i) studio portraits

Your empowering portrait session experience includes a professional makeup application, hair styling and FULLY guided photoshoot. (The pampering can be removed for those who don't require).  Whether you're looking to create artful images for social media/press, a gift for loved ones or because YOU want to celebrate and enjoy an experience you will never forget, your experience is completely customizable.  For more behind the scenes videos check out my instagram.  This investment starts at $625.  Contact me for further details.  

To view a behind the scenes video of one of my portrait sessions click below.

Portraits can be taken at a location of your choice (e.g. outdoors, your home, office etc).  I creatively edit the photographs as I want to produce artful portraits that you can proudly share and treasure for years to come.  To see an example of an outdoor family session click here.

Your investment starts at $625 and includes travel and transportation of equipment to a location < 15 miles, a one hour photoshoot and a $400 credit towards portraits.  Please contact me for further details.

II) location portraits

E-Gift Cards

Looking to offer a unique gift that can be enjoyed and treasured for years to come?  My studio sessions are about LEGACY portraits and EMPOWERING experiences.  Whether this session is for a family member, best friend, partner etc. they can choose to customize their portrait session experience however they wish (e.g. solo, with family, partner etc.).  My sessions start with a pampering and professional makeover followed by the photoshoot.  I'll guide, pose and artistically light them so that they don't have to worry about a thing and just have fun!

My portrait sessions start at $625.  For additional details please contact me via the form above and I'll be happy to share and/or discuss with you further.  To purchase an e-gift card, click here.


"i'm not photogenic"

Photogenic is just COMFORTABILITY in front of the camera which is completely MY responsibility.  I will guide you, pose you and take the pressure off of you so that you can just focus on having fun!

"i need to lose a few pounds"

So many of my clients feel this way.  Not only do I guide you, but, I will pose you, artistically light you and capture you at the most flattering angles.  Those few pounds will not make a difference, TRUST me.

"i'm too old"

Whether you're having a portrait session with your loved ones or empowering yourself with a session for you, EVERYBODY deserves an experience like this at least once in their life.   One day, your loved ones will look for photos of you, what will they find? 

"i only need digital files"

I create LEGACY portraits to enjoy and treasure with luxurious, archival portrait products that will outlive digital files for generations to come.  I source from incredible photography labs with products that have an expected longevity of 100 years (to see why they're popular, click here).  However, if my clients prefer to purchase digital files I do offer a 5 image starting package. Please note, I do include a digital copy for all portrait products that you purchase.

"What Products Do You Offer"

I offer archival canvases and framed wall prints in various sizes, beautiful albums and a folio box that frames and hold matted prints.  During your portrait session you will be able to see these LUXURIOUS products in person.

"What Is Your Turnaround Time?"

A six week turnaround time from point of contact to delivery of portrait products would be ideal as we start with a consultation.  However, I have also worked with clients with shorter time frames.   If you are on a deadline please get in touch and we will see what we can do!

"Do I Have To Have A Makeover?"

The makeover is a great start to calm the nerves and enjoy some PAMPERING.  Whether your goal is to just enhance or to bring on the glam, you're in excellent care with my carefully selected stylists.  However, I also love to photograph clients naturally with no makeup as well.  It's completely up to you!  

"Who Can I Bring With Me?"

You're welcome to bring anyone with you to get photographed including furry loved ones.  Whether you enjoy a portrait session for yourself or maximize and have loved ones join for a portion of your portrait session, you can completely CUSTOMIZE your experience.    


I offer a REFERRAL program of a $100 credit for each new client who books a 'studio session'.  This credit  can be used up to one year from their booking date (not portrait session date). There is no limit on this.  Therefore, if e.g. 3 separate clients, who all mention your name, book in Jan 2023, you will have a $300 credit that you can use up to Jan 2024. Referral credits are non transferrable.  Please contact me for further details.