March 10, 2021

Behind The Scenes of a Photoshoot

Behind the scenes videos are my favorite… I photographed these two lovebirds for the first time four years ago. See the before and after below to see how sweet these two looked back then. They’re still just as sweet however, since they’ve already experienced my portrait sessions, we decided this time to go a ‘little’ bit bolder 😎.

I always reassure my clients that no matter how nervous, anxious or unphotogenic you may feel, it’s completely my responsibility to get you comfortable in front of the camera. I will guide you, pose you and artistically light you so that you can just focus on having fun. You do not need to know how to do anything when you are at my studio. For a behind the scenes look at this photoshoot, please also see below a thirty second tiktok video of this couple’s photoshoot. You’ll get to see a few additional images of theirs also at the end of the video. (Can’t believe how much my photography has evolved over the years. ☺️)

My portrait sessions usually start with a pampering and professional makeover. During this time clients also get a little acclimated to their surroundings. The shoot follows, approximately ninety minutes where you have time for about four to five different looks. Then after the photoshoot, I edit and retouch your images and we’ll schedule a day and time for your portrait reveal. It’s only during this time that you decide which portraits if any you’d like to purchase. For more information please contact me at or fill out the inquiry on my website.

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Behind The Scenes TikTok video

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