June 21, 2023

Bridal Boudoir

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Bridal boudoir portrait sessions have gotten really popular in recent years. (It has also become one of my favorite styles). Why has it gotten so popular? Well, first of all, the bride gets to cross off a few things on their to-do checklist. I’ll explain further below.

Customized Wedding Gift

What wedding gift does a bride purchase for their soon-to-be lifetime partners? It is always one of the biggest dilemmas. Whether a bride has been planning this photoshoot for years or whether this was recommended by a friend once engaged, it has become THE go-to wedding gift. It is completely unique, completely customizable (the bride can incorporate their partner’s clothing, props etc. into the photoshoot) and completely personal. Not only that, their partner is usually surprised, thrilled and sometimes even tearful with their gift. I mean, who wouldn’t be emotional seeing beautiful, artful and timeless portraits of their loving partners? Not only does the bride/groom get to enjoy their wedding gift, but the bride too gets to treasure these portraits for years to come. It’s a double win 😉. (To see an example of a product click here.)

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Bridal Makeup Trial

For brides who can plan this gift in advance, it is also an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the professional makeover included with the portrait session and have a makeup trial. Why? Because makeup artists (MUAs) who work with photographers are most often freelancers who also provide professional makeup application for events e.g. weddings, baby showers, graduation etc. These MUAs have been carefully chosen by photographers for their clients so they have also been vetted. I’ve personally selected my MUAs for their exceptional skills, makeup kit, work ethics, timing, personality and sanitization process. My MUAs are an important part of my portrait session experience ensuring my clients are comfortable, well taken care of and happy with their makeover. For all these reasons, brides should have trials with these MUAs. Taking advantage of one during a portrait session, allows brides to cross off another to-do item on their check list.

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Once In A Lifetime Experience

I’ve shared a lot online why boudoir portrait sessions can be so liberating and memorable. Most often, my clients have never had professional portraits taken but are curious as they’ve heard about the experience from family or friends. Bridal boudoir sessions are so common as this is THE time when clients muster up that courage. The courage to do something completely outside one’s comfort zone as we rationalize to ourselves that it isn’t just for us but a special gift for our partners also.

I once had a client tell me that she sat in her car for a half hour (before her portrait session) wondering if she should cancel on me. She showed up and over the next three hours she got comfortable. She started smiling, giggling and enjoying herself. When the session was over, she left with her chin high feeling beautiful, reconnected, confident and said “I feel like I can take on the world!” This is my goal with each client. As much as I want to create beautiful portraits, I also want my bridal clients to enjoy themselves and get EMPOWERED.

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So What To Expect

When I consult with clients, we discuss all the above, various other things and address any questions they may have. However, I always reassure them on two important things:

1) I will guide you, pose you and artistically light you so that you don’t have to worry about a thing. Not being photogenic is not a gene that you’re missing. It’s just comfortability in front of the camera and that’s completely my responsibility.

2) Boudoir portrait sessions aren’t just about lingerie or showing skin. Although it’s not the ‘traditional’ portrait session, every photographer also has their own style. I explain to clients that this session can also be artful, contemporary and playful. Bring your partner’s favorite sport jersey or bring that fabulous outfit in your closet that you never have a chance to wear. With my portrait session, there’s time for six different outfits. Bring an assortment of looks that show your different sides, interests, style etc.

Again, every photographer has their own style and process. The best thing to do is to firstly determine if you’d like to move forward with an experience like this. If so, then research various photographers and find one who’s style you connect with. You can then have a consult and get more information and make your final decision.

bride boudoir wedding gift


To conclude, bridal boudoir sessions have gained popularity for many reasons, most of which are listed above. It crosses off a few to-do items and also ‘justifies’ 😉 you to enjoy some pampering and an empowering portrait session experience. If you have any inquiries regarding these bridal boudoir portrait sessions please feel free to contact me via my site. Connect with me also via instagram for updates on promotions or events.

Thank you for reading and to all the lovely brides, hope you all enjoy this exciting time!!

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