August 2021 -
March 2022

40 Over 40

I’m photographing 40 women over 40


I am in search of 40 incredible women over the age of 40 for an empowering, fun and transformational
magazine style photoshoot experience between August 2021 and March 2022.

It will conclude with a special finale in March of 2022 (International Women's Day) of a limited edition printed magazine
AND exhibition in Montclair, NJ with YOU showcased in both!

It is my heartfelt pursuit to create empowering experiences with legacy portraits that you will look at with love, admiration and pride. 
I believe that EVERY woman is unique and beautiful at ANY age and that EVERYBODY deserves an experience like this at least once in their life. 
I know we all have a story to share.  I want to celebrate you and your story.

Hi, I'm Celestina and there's a lot of information about me and my studio in the 'About' section of my website.  However, there are many things about me that many don't know about, things that I would love to celebrate and share...

I was 40 when I decided to retire my corporate accounting career to pursue my love of photography full-time.  My forties have been very challenging, but also an amazing chapter of my life and I am so grateful to those who have been a part of it all - family, friends, mentors, peers etc.  However, I am especially grateful to all my amazing clients who came into my studio terrified, trusting in me and my process and allowing me to capture their legacy portraits - portraits which they admire with amazement, adoration and pride.  Because of these clients, I was honored to be included in this year's 'Women in Business' in Suburban Essex's special issue of women's history month and to be nominated again for Best Photographer. 

I have held two exhibits, one in 2018 and again in 2019.  Both exhibits were called 'Empower' (click here to see last exhibit) for which I called for volunteers.  For this third exhibit, I want to celebrate you, my clients.  Whether you're in your 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's (you get the idea), I want diversity and I want to capture a beautiful portrait of you and share your story.  This is a passion project of mine, if you're interested please see additional details below!

MY WHY . . .

COST - I am offering this 40 over 40 project package for a special promotional price of $275.  The details of what's included are listed below...

CONSULTATION - During your zoom consultation, we will talk about how you want to be photographed and start planning your experience as you'll have time for up to 4 different looks.  

PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP & HAIR - You will start with a pampering and professional makeover.  Whether you want to be naturally enhanced or glammed up is completely up to you!

PHOTOSHOOT - I will guide you from start to finish, literally.  It's completely my responsibility to take the pressure off of you so that you can just enjoy and have fun!  

THE REVEAL - Within two weeks of your session, we’ll meet either in person or via zoom to go through your top 30+ images. You’ll choose your complimentary 7x10 print (matted in 11x14 mat - $225 value).  However, if you end up wanting any additional portraits/products you can instead apply a credit of $100 towards any packages you may wish to purchase.  (Individual portraits start at $225 and my packages start at $625).

1X COMPLIMENTARY MAGAZINE WITH YOU IN IT! - This will be gifted to you at the end of the 40 over 40 project in March of 2022 at the exhibit.  YOU will be showcased along with the other 39 incredible women who participated in this limited edition printed magazine. 

Cost & Details

- We'll have a short, easy breezy interview during the consultation or sometime before or after the photoshoot to discuss your unique story about being a woman over 40.  If you are willing, this may include a formal video interview that will be used for presentations, social media etc.

- Your photos and/or video along with your brief story may be published on social media. 

- Before and after photos and/or video will be displayed on social media and/or my studio website.

- You will be invited to attend an exhibition where your portrait and quote will be displayed and celebrated along with 39 other beautiful women over 40!  These images and quotes  will also be published in a limited edition magazine distributed to you at the exhibition.  

Questions?  Feel free to contact me or book your complimentary consultation below to discuss further.  

To Showcase The Project

all 40 spots have been filled.  

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