September 26, 2019

NJ Boudoir Photographer – FAQ

NJ Boudoir photographer

As a local NJ Boudoir Photographer, I’ve been receiving a lot of inquiries about my boudoir sessions and many are asking the same questions so I’m going to do a quick FAQ post:

1. “I’m interested but, nervous. I’ve never done something like this before…”

99% of my clients have never done this before :). I have clients who are nervous until the day of; one client told me she sat in her car for a half hour before the session debating on whether to cancel lol. However, all these clients left after my session with their head high feeling like they could take on the world! By the way, make sure you plan a night out afterwards because you’re not just going to look fabulous but you will FEEL amazing :).

2. “I don’t know how to pose, I’m not photogenic…”

Photogenic is just comfortability in front of the camera which is completely MY responsibility. I will guide you, pose you (down to every joint & finger lol), artistically light you and make sure I capture you in the most flattering way so that all you have to do is focus on having fun ;).

3. “I don’t know what to bring, do I need to bring lingerie?”

You do NOT need to bring lingerie. The goal is to create images in outfits that YOU love. Your outfit could be your favorite dress, jeans & a top or it can be more daring (bodysuit, off the shoulder top, lingerie etc.) I also have some pieces, wraps, skirts etc. in my studio wardrobe that you are welcome to use.

4. “I have no one to create these images for”

Although many of my clients come in to create a beautiful portrait for their partners (e.g. birthday, anniversary, holiday, wedding etc.), this is about so much more than creating a gift. In fact, many of my clients come in as they are in need of an empowering experience to kick start a new chapter of their lives (e.g. divorce, breakup, new career etc.) and hence gift themselves a portrait session. It’s a chance for women to reconnect, see themselves in a new light & get empowered while creating a beautiful legacy portrait that you love and treasure for years to come.

5. “How much editing/retouching do you do with your images?”

I do high end editing & retouching of my images. I want these images to reflect your best authentic self and so I adjust for unflattering shadows where we don’t want to draw attention. I adjust for blemishes and make some adjustments with clothing/fabric which may require compositing sometimes (sections from another photo layered onto an image). I try to create the most flattering & artistic portrait of YOUR natural beauty. If there are further edits you would like me to make please feel free to speak with me and I’ll let you know what we can do.

6. “What if I have more questions for a NJ Boudoir Photographer?”

Have additional questions? I have a FAQ section on my website that may address some of your other concerns, however, feel free to contact me anytime :).