June 24, 2024

What To Bring To Your Photoshoot

This is my first inspiration video of my series “What to bring to your photoshoot”. These outfits (or similar alternatives) are linked in ‘List – Studio Wardrobe’ on my Amazon strorefront. Many of these video outfits are also listed below individually with direct Amazon links.

I welcome photographers to also check out some of these pieces in case you would like to build/add a studio wardrobe for clients. It has proven useful when my clients forget to bring enough outfits or when we want to create a ‘new’ look. New looks that my clients would never consider purchasing for themselves or ever imagine getting photographed in. I’ve used these pieces for clients of all ages in various genres, whether for maternity, boudoir or contemporary glamour.

For ‘MY’ clients, since I have these pieces, you will not need to bring any of these with you. 😉

First Recommendation

If you’re considering a photoshoot my very first recommendation would be to bring nipple covers. Especially for those considering boudoir or maternity boudoir photography like the images below. There are various brands available today. If you don’t have any, I would recommend the Nippies Skin cover as seen in the right image. This is the original style, but there is also the ‘Extra’ style (has a little more cushion or volume) and the ‘Lift’ style that has a pull tab for extra support.

These have proven super useful during a portrait session for various reasons:

  1. Clients do not need to worry about coordinating bras with their outfits which also leads to faster outfit changes during the portrait session.
  2. It eliminates outfit issues. E.g. the bra color or texture showing through the top or bra straps showing.
  3. Clients do not have to bare all when taking implied nude or maternity boudoir images with flying fabric etc.

Second Recommendation

The second thing I would recommend to clients before getting to the outfit inspirations in the video above is seamless nude underwear. In addition, for my clients, I would also recommend seamless black underwear. This may be a given, however, this is often forgotten by clients. You want to ensure that you have the necessary basics in addition to whatever outfits you bring. Again, how important these are depends on the style of photography you are looking to capture. If you are only having headshots taken, underwear color and its texture are probably not a concern.

Video Outfits & Corresponding Links

Now, I will list below various images from the video above. By clicking on the images, you will be taken directly to the Amazon link of the outfit (or similar alternative). If you would like to see the entire list that I currently have, feel free to check out my Amazon Storefront or more specifically, my List – Studio Wardrobe. Hope this blog helps both photographers and clients trying to decide what to bring to your photoshoot. Remember, if you have any questions or want additional recommendations always make sure to consult with your photographer.

Lace Kaftan

Tulle Skirts

Black Velvet Fabric & Tulle Gown

Sheer Skirt & Bohemian Lace Coverup

Flowing Fabric

Rhinestone Fishnet Dress & Gold Halter Chain Top

Faux Fur Shawl & White Drawstring Coverup